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Make your kitchen table the space which nourishes you and those around you

KTN Studio specializes in whole food nutrition and fitness using a science-based approach that focuses on prevention of chronic inflammation while emphasizing optimal nutrition to support the body’s natural immune system. Many different symptoms can arise when your body is out of balance and fatigued. Joshua knows each client has their own story to share, and he strives to help them each step of the way to transform their own well-being.

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Joshua Grayck

Welcome To Kitchen Table Nutrition

Meet Joshua

Certified Nutrition Therapist Practitioner
Certified HyStrength Fitness Personal Trainer

Let me share whole food choices and meal ideas that nourish your body. I am in awe of the variety of foods, color, shape, smell, taste and texture that provide essential nutrients to the body and inspire me.

My common-sense nutrition and fitness program supports long-term lifestyle habits that are sustainable, empowering and transformative!

Whole, Real-Food Makes A Healthy, Happy Life

My husband and I have been working with Josh for about 2 months now to address weight loss for both of us and my recently diagnosed hypothyroid condition. We quickly came to appreciate his deep understanding of nutrition and soon gained perspective on foods we thought were healthy but are contributing to weight gain and energy issues. Josh speaks from personal experience and is very compassionate and informative. W concluded our 6 sessions with a meaningful understanding of “good fats”, insulin response in the body, the importance sourcing quality foods, and access to a variety of recipes to help us eat better. We are going to renew our consulting sessions to now tap into his knowledge of strength training. He also has a wealth of resources both information and referred professionals. My husband has sleep apnea and Josh gave us an excellent referral to a specialist. I feel like a Josh is really helping us take charge of our health.

-Jennifer P. Oct 4, 2017

Josh was very thoughtful and meticulous in his approach to working with me. By the end of our experience together, I gained a tremendous amount fo knowledge of how my body processes different types of food and awareness of the path I need to follow.

-Samit S. Jun 1, 2017

Very knowledgeable. Helped with the pros and cons of everyday foods. Gave pictures instructions on healthy recipes.

-Jennifer R. May 27, 2017

Awesome personal trainer. Josh is outstanding. He is knowledgeable, organized, flexible and really cares about his clients goals. If you are looking for a trainer who will organize a reasonable program to achieve your goals, Josh is your man.

-Aneal R. Feb 11, 2017