Through his passion for fitness and nutrition, Joshua enables his clients to reclaim a healthy lifestyle as he helps his clients increase muscle strength, improve energy and optimize the body’s metabolism - weight regulation.


Joshua takes an integrative approach that addresses chronic body inflammation influenced by food, diet and lifestyle.


His success stems from understanding not only the metabolic diversity of his client but also the inclusion of dietary diversity and coaches each individual allowing them to work through their own roadblocks in order to achieve success with their personal goals.


Joshua is a graduate of Nutrition Therapy Institute, and is a certified alternative health practitioner in the State of Colorado and a certified strength trainer with TruFit20 and Hy-Strength, an exercise and health program.


I like to draw on my own experiences and transformation, sharing that the fight is worth fighting for.


It wasn’t until Joshua was in his late forties, that he acknowledged a needed to change his lifestyle.


He realized that his lack of an exercise routine and impulsive eating habits had put his health at risk and threatened his quality of life.


It all came together with the whole integration of health and wellness as Joshua began to see significant progress in strength, body composition and improved energy.


There’s so much cross-information that can jeopardize progress, yet with my methodical approach, I help you find sustainable change and motivated to share my expertise as a fitness trainer and nutritional therapist.


Today, Joshua remains passionate about cooking, eating delicious foods and a TruFit20 workout supporting his body’s phenotype and optimal health.

Here’s a picture of me at my heaviest, weighing 240 pounds.  Looking back, I knew I was over-eating foods that were contributing to my obesity and putting myself at risk for metabolic syndrome and its health complications.   Yet during this period, I couldn’t control myself despite often feeling fatigued, uncomfortably full and disappointed in myself after eating excessively.  Deep down, I craved change, and slowly began to listen to the signals from my body. I was able to improve my lifestyle and limit foods that were making me overweight and chronically inflamed.  During the next three years, I slowly lost weight, yet remained susceptible to quick fluctuations in weight like I had experienced at other times in my adult life.

I was so fortunate to learn of a high intensity strength program that really worked well for me. Not only was I getting stronger, yet it empowered me and help generated the brain’s serotonin and dopamine “feel good” neurochemistry and quickly integrated this into my weekly routine and made it “non-negotiable”.

I was now ready to face the realities of my eating habits!  Within a three-year period, I began to appreciate that in addition to regular exercise, I needed to address the importance of food choices and calorie type to improve my physical fitness.  By the time I became a certified personal trainer, I established healthier eating habits and knew to limit the foods that were inflammatory and made me feel bad.  I was able to lose 60 pounds and maintain this new weight.

​My mantra was: eat less sugar and processed carbohydrates.  Yet my message was too simple and didn’t accurately relate the complexity of the human digestive system, human behavior, food and nutrition.

​Again, I was so fortunate, and enrolled in nutrition school and began a program in holistic nutrition. 

My message has grown to include a profound appreciation for the human body and the more comprehensive vision to create a lifestyle that promotes optimal health through nutrition + strength.


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