Meet Joshua Grayck – I have discovered that eating is one of the joys of life when food is prepared healthfully and beautifully. I am in awe of the variety of foods, their color, shapes, smell, taste and texture. Combining and layering ingredients that enhance each other and provide essential nutrients that support the body inspires me. I am continually amazed with the body’s digestive system and its ability to transform food into nutrients and circulate them throughout the body for cellular life to survive and flourish.

While my cooking style is relatively simple and far from technical, it takes time, passion and a sense of joie de vivre. I am so grateful to prepare such wonderful whole foods, quality sourced meats and poultry, and fresh foods from small batches that deliver vital nutrients for optimal health. It is very satisfying to share my style with family and friends knowing they are eating nutritious foods. And it is this that I translate into my food preparation.

Equally important, I have discovered that physical fitness is another joy of life.

I am in awe of the body’s ability to move with grace, agility and strength. I am inspired by all who work at improving their quality of life through physical fitness. After unsuccessful attempts read my story during my 30’s & 40’s, I am grateful to have found an exercise program that I thoroughly enjoy.

I am amazed of the combination and the impact of nutrition + strength has made.

Certified Nutrition Therapist Practitioner, Nutrition Therapy Institute, Denver, CO, 12/2016,

Certified HyStrength Strength Trainer, Urban Pump, Denver, CO, 12/2014