Meal Planning & Preparation

Meal Planning & Preparation Solutions

Meal Planning & Preparation Solutions

Planning and preparing nutritious, healthy meals can be a challenge, especially for people who are constantly on the go. All too often, that can leave limited time and options for healthy meals, making it more likely that quick, less nutritious options win out over healthier ones.

At KTN Studio, Ltd., we’re here to let you know that time does NOT have to limit your meal options or prevent you from eating healthfully. Our Greenwood Village Nutrition Practitioner, Joshua Grayck, is ready to empower you with sustainable strategies for planning and preparing healthy, wholesome and delicious meals. His focus is to help you:

  • Identify your nutrition needs and the solutions that will work best for you, based on your current health and lifestyle
  • Take the hurdles out of meal planning and prep, regardless of whether you need to feed yourself or a family
  • Seamlessly integrate healthy, restorative nutrition into your life.

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Meal Planning Tips: How to Plan Healthy, Nutritious Meals

Your lifestyle and health needs can determine the most helpful meal planning strategies for you. While Josh can work closely with you to devise the best-fit tactics for your nutrition needs and current lifestyle, here are some generally helpful tips for planning healthy meals:

  • Plan meals a week (or more) in advance – Sticking to simple recipes as you get started can be helpful. Be sure to include snacks in your planning, and consider saving one week’s plan for another week in the future. You can take this a step further and create a meal calendar, with notes about what you liked, what you would change, etc.
  • Use themes to help you plan – Pick a different theme for each day to help narrow down the options, guide your planning and incorporate different flavors and types of dishes. For instance, you can chose a different ethnic food for each day (like Mexican food Mondays and Italian food Tuesdays); or you can opt for a different type of dish each day (like salads on Mondays and soups on Tuesdays).
  • Make a grocery list and stick to it – While this can help you get everything you need to make the nutritious meals you have planned in advance, it can also deter you from impulsively buying unhealthy foods that may derail your meal plans and diet.

Meal Preparation Tips: How to Prepare Healthy, Nutritious Meals

Similar to meal planning, the best-fit strategies for meal preparation can be different for different people, and Josh can partner with you to develop effective strategies for seamlessly incorporating healthy meal preparation into your current lifestyle.

In general, however, the following are some helpful meal preparation tips:

  • Cook food simultaneously – Look for time-saving recipes that cook the main and side dishes at the same time, like one-pot/one-pan recipes and slow cooker recipes.
  • Cook big batches and freeze portions for later – Plan on making extra portions, freezing them for yourself and/or your family in the future. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make and freeze complete meals. You can also prepare and freeze certain ingredients (or portions of meals), making it easy to quickly throw together a healthy meal later when time may be limited.
  • Take shortcuts – For example, pre-washed and cut produce can save you preparation time. You can also choose recipes that easily incorporate leftovers, like using leftovers from a chicken and vegetable meal to make a soup or salad.

Beyond the Quick Tips: How KTN Studio Can Help You Integrate the Right Meal Planning & Preparation into Your Life

KTN Studio provides clients with effective strategies, tools and resources to help them with all aspects of their meal planning and preparation needs, regardless of whether they:

  • Follow a certain type of diet (like a keto or gluten-free diet) or have food allergies (like nut allergies)
  • Have specific health conditions that they want to better manage via nutrition
  • Are focused on nutritional changes to improve their overall wellbeing.

As part of our nutrition solutions, KTN Studio offers services that include:

  • Recipe selection and planning
  • Grocery store tours, checklists and shopping strategies
  • Food awareness education and substitution planning
  • Food preparation and cooking techniques
  • Much more!

Greenwood Village Nutrition Practitioner Joshua Grayck is ready to help you improve and optimize your health with holistic nutrition solutions that work for you and your lifestyle.

Let’s Find the Nutrition Solutions that Work Best for You: Contact Greenwood Village Nutrition Practitioner  Joshua Grayck at KTN Studio, Ltd.

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At KTN Studio, Nutrition Practitioner Joshua Grayck takes an integrative approach to restoring and transforming his clients’ health and wellbeing through custom nutrition solutions. This involves a combination of education, support, resources and planning to cultivate and enhance:

  • Helpful support and insightful guidance
  • Effective, restorative and transformative nutrition solutions.

From Greenwood Village, Joshua Grayck is proud to partner with clients throughout Arapahoe County and the state of Colorado.