Nutrition Solutions for Weight Loss & Weight Management

Nutrition Solutions for Weight Loss & Weight Management

Nutrition Solutions for Weight Loss & Weight Management

Counting calories, following restrictive diets and avoiding “bad” foods are often used to fight weight loss battles or to try to maintain a healthy weight. The reality is, however, that about 95 percent of diets FAIL people and don’t work in the long term.

At KTN Studio, Ltd., Nutrition Practitioner Joshua Grayck takes a different, proven approach when it comes to nutrition for weight loss and weight management. Josh works closely with clients to help them achieve and maintain their goal weight by developing customized, integrative plans focused on improving nutrition through food awareness.

This is not an “all or nothing” approach. Instead, it relies on empowering clients with the right nutrition solutions and sustainable strategies to help them achieve long-term optimal weight, health and wellness.

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3 Myths about Nutrition & Weight Loss Debunked

The many misconceptions about nutrition and weight loss can be misleading and confusing. They can even sabotage your weight loss goals. Sharing the facts to set the record straight, the following dispels three common myths about nutrition and weight loss.

Myth #1: Counting calories: In order to lose weight, I must reduce calories and exercise more.

FACT: FALSE. You might think counting calories helps lose weight; however, it doesn’t address the importance of calorie type. No need to starve and deprive yourself from foods and eating well to lose weight.

Myth #2: I need to cut out all fat from my diet in order to lose weight.

FACT: WRONG. Certain types of fats are necessary for a healthy diet, and incorporating these healthy fats via foods like nuts, avocados and olives can be a good option for those looking to make nutritious choices in their weight loss journey.

Myth #3: The best way for me to lose weight is to go vegetarian.

FACT: NOT TRUE. While adopting a vegetarian diet can be healthy for some individuals (based on their personal beliefs), eliminating pasture-raised, grass-fed meats and wild fish from your diet is not necessarily the “best” or most effective weight loss method for everyone. In fact:

  • Grass-fed meats are nutrient rich, with vital vitamins, minerals and essential Omega-3 fatty acids, and they help with satiety signals that curb feeling hungry.
  • Vegetarian diets can still be high in calories, sugar and nonessential fats and not align with your weight loss goals.

A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss & Management Nutrition: The Plans & Services at KTN Studio

At KTN Studio, Nutrition Practitioner Joshua Grayck takes an integrative, holistic approach to nutrition and weight loss. This involves:

  • Devising custom nutrition solutions that fit his clients’ health needs and weight loss goals
  • Empowering clients with the knowledge, sustainable strategies and reliable resources they need to make restorative, wholesome nutrition choices today, tomorrow and well into the future.

KTN Studio offers a variety of services to promote food awareness and sustainable healthy eating habits. Our weight loss nutrition services include the following:

  • Nutrition 101 teaches the basics about essential vitamins and minerals, how nutrition impacts metabolism and the relationship between caloric intake and the body.
  • Food Selection involves helping clients learn how to eat a clean diet by incorporating quality-sourced foods into their meals and limiting processed foods that provide little to no nutritional value.
  • Grocery Tour teaches clients how to read food ingredient and nutrition labels while
    giving them practical shopping strategies they can use to fill their grocery baskets with nutritious ingredients for creating healthy meals.
  • Food & Diet Analysis involves an in-depth analysis of clients’ food journals to evaluate nutrient and vitamin intake, potential deficiencies and opportunities for healthy change.
  • Cooking Techniques teaches clients helpful techniques for preparing balanced, wholesome, nutritious and tasty meals with healthy fats and seasonal produce.
  • Weight Management Support educates clients about the Set Point Theory, food awareness, cravings and eating patterns, giving them the knowledge to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Whenever you are ready for more answers about our weight loss solutions, simply contact Nutrition Practitioner Joshua Grayck for a free consultation.

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